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Back to God's Country: The Films of Nell Shipman (DVD)

Available Date : 08/31/2021
Release Year : 1919
Running Time : 130
UPC : 014381979626
Country : U.S., Canada
Language: English
Genre : Silent, Thriller, Western
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THE FILMS OF NELL SHIPMAN features two extraordinary motion pictures starring early independent producer, writer, conservationist and actor Nell Shipman, shot on location in the frozen wilds of Canada and the arid Mojave Desert.

In BACK TO GOD'S COUNTRY, Shipman plays a beautiful young woman trapped on an ice-bound ship. The captain, a murderous fugitive, will stop at nothing to have his way with Shipman. With only the help of a ferocious dog at her beck and call, she must stave off the captain's advances and escape with her husband to safety.

Meanwhile, SOMETHING NEW is a thrilling and hilarious Western with an anachronistic twist. Chased by bandits across rocky terrain, Shipman, co-star Van Tuyle, and their pet collie "Laddie" survive some of the most amazing (and real) stunts ever attempted in a 1920 Maxwell sedan.

Publish Date : 2021-08-19
  • Nell Shipman - Director
  • David Hartford - Director
  • Bert Van Tuyle - Director
  • Nell Shipman - Actor
  • Bert Van Tuyle - Actor

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