Berlin Alexanderplatz (DVD)

Directed by : Burhan Qurbani
Available Date : 08/31/2021
Release Year : 2020
Running Time : 183
UPC : 738329253257
Country : Germany
Language: German w English Subtitles
Genre : Drama, World Cinema
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An African immigrant struggles to make a new life for himself in the big city in director/co-writer Burhan Qurbani’s audacious, neon-lit reinterpretation of Alfred Döblin’s 1929 novel Berlin Alexanderplatz (famously adapted by Reiner Werner Fassbinder in 1980). After surviving his perilous journey, Francis (Welket Bungué) vows to be a good man, but he soon realizes how difficult it is to be righteous while undocumented in Germany—without papers, without a nationality, and without a work permit. When he receives an enticing offer for easy money from the psychopathic gangster Reinhold (Albrecht Schuch), Francis initially resists temptation, but eventually he is sucked into Berlin’s underworld and his life spirals out of control. –Alissa Simon

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Publish Date : 2021-08-03
  • Burhan Qurbani - Director
  • Burhan Qurbani - Writer
  • Martin Behnke - Writer
  • Welket Bungué - Actor
  • Albrecht Schuch - Actor
  • Jella Haase - Actor
  • Joachim Krol - Actor
  • Annabelle Mandeng - Actor


 "A deep-cut dash of contemporary topicality… unimpeachable craft and performances."

"Breathes fresh air into the classic tale with this diverse, topically relevant remake."

“A 21st century take on Döblin’s working-class underworld, bolstered by pitch-perfect performances, spectacular cinematography, and a racial bent that further underlines the protagonist’s outsider status."

“A poetic, cinematic reflection on the nature of good and evil. It shows a beautiful Berlin but also highlights the underbelly of drugs, decadence and violence.”

“Lays bare the humanness of every situation and how life is forever under the influence of circumstance.”


Best Feature Film (Silver), Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Score, German Film Awards 2020

Best Production Design, Best Film, Best Actor, Stockholm 2020

Best Original Score, European Film Awards 2020

Official Selection: Berlinale, Istanbul, Busan, and Stockholm Film Festivals

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