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Billy Bathgate (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Robert Benton
Available Date : 10/22/2019
Release Year : 1991
Running Time : 106
UPC : 738329240622
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
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The legendary Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man) stars in the action-packed gangster epic Billy Bathgate, which details the rise and fall of notorious mobster Dutch Schultz. His story is told through the eyes of his young protégé Billy Bathgate (Loren Dean), who is an ambitious and streetwise kid seduced by the power, money, and glamour of crime. He soon begins to seriously question if his passport to the good life will come from the fiery Dutch and his gang. Directed by Robert Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer) and featuring an all-star cast of Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies), Steve Buscemi (Fargo) and Stanley Tucci (Big Night), Billy Bathgate is a modern mob movie classic.

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Publish Date : 2019-09-24
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  • Robert Benton - Director
  • Dustin Hoffman - Actor
  • Nicole Kidman - Actor
  • Bruce Willis - Actor
  • Loren Dean - Actor
  • Steve Buscemi - Actor
  • Steven Hill - Actor
  • Stanley Tucci - Actor
  • Mike Starr - Actor
  • Moira Kelly - Actor
  • Kevin Corrigan - Actor
  • Xander Berkeley - Actor

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