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Blackmail (Special Edition) (DVD)

Directed by : Alfred Hitchcock
Available Date : 08/13/2019
Release Year : 1929
Running Time : 85
UPC : 738329239015
Country : U.K.
Language: English
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
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From the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, the legendary director of Notorious, Lifeboat, North by Northwest and Psycho comes this thriller about a woman fighting off a sleazy blackmailer. Blackmail was Hitchcock’s first full-length sound film and was only his second foray into the suspense genre. Grocer’s daughter Alice White (Anny Ondra, The Manxman) kills a man in self-defense when he tries to sexually assault her. Her policeman boyfriend, Detective Frank Webber (John Longden, The Skin Game), covers up for her, but she has been spotted leaving the scene by a petty criminal who starts to blackmail her. Based on a play by Charles Bennett (Foreign Correspondent, The 39 Steps) and co-starring Sara Allgood (The Lodger). This special edition also includes the 76-minute silent version of the film, with a new score by The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.

Product Extras :

Audio Commentary by Film Historian Tim Lucas

Hitchcock/Truffaut: Icon interviews Icon (Audio)

The Silent Version of ‘Blackmail’ – Score by Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

Introduction by Noël Simsolo

Anny Ondra’s Screen Test

Publish Date : 2019-07-16
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  • Alfred Hitchcock - Director
  • Anny Ondra - Actor
  • John Longden - Actor
  • Sara Allgood - Actor
  • Charles Paton - Actor
  • Donald Calthrop - Actor
  • Cyril Ritchard - Actor
  • Hannah Jones - Actor

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