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Breast Milk (DVD)

Directed by : Dana Ben-Ari
Available Date : 05/09/2017
Release Year : 2014
Running Time : 91
UPC : 738329211929
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Documentary
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With unexpected humor, an unflinching camera and some guilt and pain, "Breast Milk" takes the unusual risk of examining what breast milk truly means. We are often told that breast milk is better. Better for babies, better for mothers, better for nutrition, health, well-being, and society. Many accept this and yet there are still very few women who succeed in breastfeeding exclusively for the recommended six months and beyond. What would it take to change?

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2.0 Stereo

Publish Date : 2017-04-11
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  • Dana Ben-Ari - Director

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