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Christmas Ranch (DVD)

Directed by : Douglas B. Maddox
Available Date : 10/20/2020
Release Year : 2016
Running Time : 82
UPC : 829567124123
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Drama, Family
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Lizzy is sent to live on her grandmother’s ranch after an incident at school gets her suspended. Her parents are optimistic that the new atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle will help bring her a more peaceful existence, but the growing pains don't come easy. Lizzy only starts to unwind with the help of a pony she calls Hope, one of the last remaining animals on the ranch. Hope is sick and not eating properly, but responds to Lizzy when she vows to learn everything she can to try and help nurse him back to health. Christmas Ranch is a heart-warming story about redemption, faith, fighting for your beliefs, and, of course, hope!

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Behind the Scenes | Film Trailer | About DBM Films

Publish Date : 2020-10-20
  • Douglas B. Maddox - Director
  • Francine Locke - Actor
  • Ken Arnold - Actor
  • Allen Williamson - Actor
  • Taylor Lyons - Actor

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