Code of the Freaks (DVD)

Directed by : Salome Chasnoff
Crew : Salome Chasnoff , Susan Nussbaum , Alyson Patsavas , Jerzy Rose , Carrie Sandahl
Available Date : 08/04/2020
Release Year : 2020
Running Time : 69
UPC : 738329249342
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Subject : Disability, Film Studies
Genre : Documentary
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Code of the Freaks presents a radical reframing of the use of disabled characters in film. Using hundreds of clips spanning over 100 years of moviemaking, and a cast of disabled artists, scholars and activists, it’s a scorching critique of some of Hollywood’s most beloved characters. This revelatory documentary investigates the power of movie imagery to shape the beliefs and behaviors of the general public toward disabled people, and of disabled people toward themselves. Drawing its title from a line from Tod Browning’s notorious 1932 film, Freaks, Code of the Freaks debunks well-worn tropes – the miracle cure, the blind guy driving a car, the magical little people, the face-feelers, the sexless, the better off dead – and brings an entirely fresh perspective. It dares to imagine a cinematic landscape that centers the voices of disabled people.

Publish Date : 2020-07-07
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  • Salome Chasnoff - Director
  • Susan Nussbaum - Writer
  • Alyson Patsavas - Writer
  • Carrie Sandahl - Writer
  • Lawrence Carter-Long - Himself
  • Candace Coleman - Herself
  • Mike Ervin - Himself
  • Mat Fraser - Himself
  • Timotheus Gordon, Jr. - Himself
  • Tsehaye Geralyn Hebert - Herself
  • Tekki Lomnicki - Herself
  • Crom Saunders - Himself
  • Rive Lehrer - Himself
  • Tommy Heffron - Himself
  • Salome Chasnoff - Producer
  • Susan Nussbaum - Producer
  • Alyson Patsavas - Producer
  • Jerzy Rose - Producer
  • Carrie Sandahl - Producer


Opening Night – ReelAbilities Film Festival

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