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Come Have Coffee With Us (DVD)

Directed by : Alberto Lattuada
Available Date : 06/01/2013
Release Year : 1970
Running Time : 99
UPC : 816018010166
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/ English subtitles
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Emerenziano (Ugo Tognazzi), who is best known in the US for La Cage aux Folles , is the middle-aged tax inspector who is in search of a wealthy wife. He travels to northern Italy where he meets three sisters, who, though wealthy, are not by any stretch of the imagination young or beautiful.

He decides to marry one of them and then takes the other two as mistresses. The virginal sisters are slowly transformed into man hungry mavens, each possessing their own individual sexual talents. It all seems to be work out fine for him until he meets a young waitress who he entangles himself with and as a result becomes a helpless prisoner subjected to the whims of the love starved females in this erotic dark comedy.

Product Extras :

• HD transfer from 35mm negative
• New and improved English subtitles
• Interview with film historian Adriano Apra
• Fully illustrated booklet including critical analysis of the film

Publish Date : 0000-00-00
  • Alberto Lattuada - Director
  • Angela Goodwin - Actor
  • Francesca Romana Coluzzi - Actor
  • Ugo Tognazzi - Actor

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