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Day of the Outlaw (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Andre De Toth
Available Date : 08/27/2019
Release Year : 1959
Running Time : 92
UPC : 738329238827
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Western, Adventure
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Screen legend Robert Ryan (The Wild Bunch, The Professionals) stars alongside Burl Ives (The Big Country) and Tina Louise (TV’s Gilligan’s Island) in this bleak and wintry western from cult director André De Toth (Pitfall, The Indian Fighter). Tough-as-nails Blaise Starrett (Ryan) is about to face a showdown with a fellow rancher—whose wife is the object of Starrett’s love. But this small-town conflict is nothing compared to what’s on the horizon when outlaw Jack Bruhn (Ives) and his vicious gang ride into town. On the lam after a brutal robbery, the outlaws terrorize the townspeople and hold them captive, even as Bruhn lies dying from a bullet wound to his chest. When Starrett eventually leads the homesteaders on a trail out of harm’s way, the tension explodes to an unforgettable climax. Filled with action and suspense, this is one Day you’ll never forget! Top-notch screenplay by legendary writer Philip Yordan (The Man from Laramie), based on a novel by television veteran Lee E. Wells (Highway Patrol). Wonderfully shot by Russell Harlan (Witness for the Prosecution) and featuring Nehemiah Persoff (Some Like It Hot), Lance Fuller (This Island Earth) and Elisha Cook Jr. (I Wake Up Screaming) in strong supporting roles.

Product Extras :

Audio Commentary by Film Historian Jeremy Arnold

Theatrical Trailer

Publish Date : 2019-07-30
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  • Andre De Toth - Director
  • Robert Ryan - Actor
  • Burl Ives - Actor
  • Tina Louise - Actor
  • Nehemiah Persoff - Actor
  • Elisha Cook Jr. - Actor
  • Venetia Stevenson - Actor
  • David Nelson - Actor
  • Jack Lambert - Actor
  • Frank DeKova - Actor
  • Lance Fuller - Actor
  • Dabbs Greer - Actor

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