Gueros (Vudu)

Directed by : Alonso Ruizpalacios
Crew : Ana García , Yibran Assaud , Damian Garcia
Available Date : 06/12/2017
Release Year : 2014
Running Time : 111
Country : Mexico
Language: Spanish
Subject : Film and Media Studies - Latin America, Latin American Studies
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Ever since the National University strike broke out, Sombra and Santos have been living in angst-ridden limbo. Education-less, motionless, purposeless, and unsure of what the strike will bring, they begin to look for strange ways to kill time. But their idiosyncratic routine is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tomas, Sombra's kid brother. Unable to fit in amongst these older slackers, Tomas discovers that unsung Mexican folk-rock hero Epigmenio Cruz has been hospitalized somewhere in the city. Tomas convinces Sombra and Santos they must track him down in order to pay their final respects on his deathbed. But what they thought would be a simple trip to find their childhood idol soon becomes a voyage of self-discovery across Mexico City's invisible frontiers.

Publish Date : 0000-00-00
  • Alonso Ruizpalacios - Director
  • - Writer
  • Gibrán Portela - Writer
  • Pedro 'Zulu' González - Calypso
  • Leonardo Ortizgris - Actor
  • Tenoch Huerta - Actor
  • Sebastián Aguirre - Actor
  • Ilse Salas - Actor
  • Ana García - Executive Producer
  • Yibran Assaud - Executive Producer
  • Damian Garcia - Cinematographer


Winner of 5 Ariel Awards (Mexico's Academy Awards)

Best Picture, Mexican Ariel Awards
Best Director, Mexican Ariel Awards
Best First Feature, Mexican Ariel Awards
Best Cinematography, Mexican Ariel Awards
Best Sound, Mexican Ariel Awards

Best First Feature, Berlin International Film Festival 2014

Grand Jury Prize, Mumbai International Film Festival 2014

Best Cinematography Award, Tribeca Film Festival 2014

Special Jury Mention (Best New Narrative Director), Tribeca Film Festival 2014

FIPRESCI Prize, Jerusalem Film Festival 2014

Festival Youth Award, San Sebastian Film Festival 2014

Horizontes Latinos Award, San Sebastian Film Festival 2014

Audience Award, Morelia Film Festival 2014

Best First Mexican Feature Award, Morelia Film Festival 2014

Best Actor (Mexican Feature), Morelia Film Festival 2014

Guerrero Award of the Press for Best Mexican Feature, Morelia Film Festival 2014

New Auteurs Audience Award, AFI Fest 2014

Special Jury Award, AFI Fest 2014

Winner, Los Cabos International Film Festival 2014

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