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I Am Patrick Swayze (DVD)

Directed by : Adrian Buitenhuis
Available Date : 10/27/2020
Release Year : 2019
Running Time : 92
UPC : 829567131824
Country : Canada
Language: English
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I AM PATRICK SWAYZE is a feature-length documentary exploring the 1980’s most recognizable leading man, who challenged Hollywood’s notions of masculinity and redefined what it means to be the "Sexiest Man Alive." Featuring never-before-seen home videos, photographs and original interviews with those who knew Patrick – including the illustrious costars of his biggest films – this documentary dives beyond his status as a sex-symbol to reveal the complexities of an often misunderstood movie star. Throughout his most iconic roles and off-camera battles with alcohol and cancer, Patrick approached every role, on-camera and off, with vulnerability and fearlessness. I AM PATRICK SWAYZE channels the same tenderness and strength that defined not only his beloved characters, but the remarkable man he was in life.

Publish Date : 2020-10-27
  • Adrian Buitenhuis - Director
  • Patrick Swayze - Himself
  • Lisa Niemi - Herself
  • Don Swayze - Himself
  • Demi Moore - Herself
  • Rob Lowe - Himself
  • Sam Elliott - Himself
  • Jennifer Grey - Herself
  • C. Thomas Howell - Himself

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