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Legend of the Lost (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Henry Hathaway
Available Date : 12/12/2017
Release Year : 1957
Running Time : 109
UPC : 738329225926
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Adventure, Drama
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Told against the sweeping panoramas of the Sahara desert, this star-studded epic features an exotic mix of action, suspense, and romance. Famed for its stunning location cinematography, Legend of the Lost delivers a caravan of excitement - with the screen icons John Wayne (Dakota, Brannigan) and Sophia Loren (Boy on a Dolphin, Five Miles to Midnight) leading the way. Wayne is Joe January, a hard-drinking and hard-living tour guide. When Paul Bonnard (Rossano Brazzi, South Pacific, Summertime) hires him to find his father and a legendary lost treasure, the two set out into the isolated wasteland of the North African desert. Joining them is Dita (Loren), a prostitute desperate to find a new life who comes between both men as they battle for survival... and their souls. The great Henry Hathaway (23 Paces to Baker Street, Rawhide) directed this first-class adventure with exotic backgrounds, action, mystery and intrigue.

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Publish Date : 2017-11-14
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  • Henry Hathaway - Director
  • John Wayne - Actor
  • Sophia Loren - Actor
  • Rossano Brazzi - Actor
  • Kurt Kasznar - Actor
  • Ibrahim El Hadish - Actor
  • Marsha Hunt - Actor

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