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Love & Engineering (DVD)

Directed by : Tonislav Hristov
Available Date : 09/15/2015
Release Year : 2014
Running Time : 83
UPC : 738329196028
Country : Germany
Language: English
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The engaging Love & Engineering asks the question, can we crack the code for love? Atanas, a computer engineer living in Finland, thinks we can. Using a theory he's developed, Atanas has found himself a wife and is eager to test his hypothesis on some of his geeky single friends. In this lovestruck documentary, find out if his algorithm can solve the mystery of attraction, and be the first to establish a scientific approach to romance.

Product Extras :

Additional Love Hacks, Trailer, 5.1 Surround

  • Tonislav Hristov - Director
  • Tuomas Nieminen - Actor
  • Todor Vlaev - Actor
  • Atanas Boev - Actor


"... Dr. Boev is a science-based sex guru whose 'love hacks' psychological techniques have earned him a wife..." ★★½ C. Cassady, Video Librarian

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