Misadventures of Biffle & Shooster (DVD)

Directed by : Michael Schlesinger
Crew : Michael Schlesinger
Available Date : 05/22/2018
Release Year : 2013
Running Time : 131
UPC : 738329230234
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Comedy, Slapstick
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America's favorite fake 1930s comedy team is back in four all-new, all-different, all-hilarious shorts: "The Biffle Murder Case," "Imitation of Wife," "Schmo Boat" (in Cinecolor!) and the instant-classic horror spoof "Bride of Finklestein" (featuring Max Davidson in his talkie comeback). Starring Nick Santa Maria, Will Ryan, Janet Klein, Rusty Frank, H.M. Wynant, Jim Beaver, Sara Ballantine, Daniel Roebuck, Fay Masterson and Glenn Taranto.

Publish Date : 2018-04-25
UV Canada Link : https://unobstructedview.com/misadventures-of-biffle-shooster-kin23023-web.html
  • Michael Schlesinger - Director
  • Michael Schlesinger - Writer
  • Nick Santa Maria - Actor
  • Will Ryan - Actor
  • Michael Schlesinger - Producer

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