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NoBody's Perfect (DVD)

Directed by : Niko von Glasow
Available Date : 04/03/2012
Release Year : 2008
Running Time : 83
UPC : 705105268613
Country : Germany
Language: German and English with English subtitles
Subject : Gender & Sexuality
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In the late 1950s and early 60s, more than 10,000 children were born with deformities due to the use of Thalidomide, a drug used in sedatives. Filmmaker Niko von Glasow was one of the victims, and in NOBODY'S PERFECT he tracks down 11 others who suffered the disastrous side-effects.

Niko is recruiting them to pose nude for a book of photographs, to give the ever-present gawkers a good, long look. He especially wants the executives at Grünenthal, the pharmaceutical company that produced the drug, to see the result of their crimes. He ends up stalking his way into their offices like a German Michael Moore, confronting them with images of their misdeeds.

The children of Thalidomide are the heart of the film, though, as they battle their body-image issues with courage and dark humor, while pursuing their diverse and successful careers. They are painters, champion horse-riders, actors, and astrophysicists, an inspiring group who overcame incredible odds to become extraordinary people.

  • Niko von Glasow - Director
  • Doris Pakendorf - Herself
  • Kim Morton - Herself
  • Bianca Vogel - Herself
  • Sofia Plich - Herself
  • Mandel von Glasow - Himself
  • Fred Dove - Himself
  • Mat Fraser - Himself
  • Andreas Meyer - Himself
  • Theo Zavelberg - Himself
  • Stefan Fricke - Himself
  • Niko von Glasow - Himself


"...84 sugar-free minutes in the company of a dozen thoughtful, funny, and profoundly resourceful grown-ups..." - Cliff Doerksen, Chicago Reader

"The term 'disability porn' - often used to disparage films that aggressively tug the heartstrings by displaying severe handicaps and disfigurement - is turned entirely on its head by the wonderful German doc NOBODY'S PERFECT." - VARIETY


Best Documentary German Film Awards
Official Selection Locarno International Film Festival

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