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Requiem for a Vampire (DVD)

Directed by : Jean Rollin
Crew : Renan Pollès , Pierre Raph , Sam Selsky
Available Date : 05/29/2012
Release Year : 1973
Running Time : 87
UPC : 738329095529
Country : France
Language: French with optional English subtitles
Genre : Horror, Erotic, Cult, Vampires
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REQUIEM?FOR?A?VAMPIRE (Requiem pour un vampire) was Jean Rollin’s favorite of all his films. Because he dredged the scenario from his subconscious, and because it was rushed into its written form so quickly (Rollin claimed that he wrote the entire script in only two days), he felt it was his purest work.

True to Rollin’s roots in serials and the Bizarre, the film opens with an action scene already in progress: two women in full clown makeup (Marie-Pierre Castel, Mirielle d’Argent), firing guns at a retaliating car behind them, as a handsome associate mans the steering wheel. This being a Rollin film, we quickly dispense with the man and get on with the general absence of story and the vital accumulation of fetish. Eluding their pursuers, our two clowns continue their never-explained flight on foot, journeying to a cemetery, then a chateau inhabited by “the last of the vampires.”

(excerpt of the essay by Tim Lucas)

Product Extras :
  • Mastered in HD from the 35mm negative
  • French with optional English subtitles
  • English dubbed version
  • Introduction by Jean Rollin
  • “The Shiver of a Requiem,” a documentary featuring interviews with Natalie Perrey and Jean-No�«l Delamarre
  • Interview with Louise Dhour, courtesy of Encore Filmed Entertainment
  • Original theatrical trailers
  • Original trailers of seven other Rollin films
Publish Date : 0000-00-00
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  • Jean Rollin - Director
  • Jean Rollin - Writer
  • Dominique - Actor
  • Marie-Pierre Castel - Actor
  • Mirielle d'Argent - Actor
  • Louise Dhour - Actor
  • Philippe Gasté - Actor
  • Renan Pollès - Cinematographer
  • Pierre Raph - Composer
  • Sam Selsky - Producer


“Rollin’s favorite of all his films. Because he dredged the scenario from his was his purest work.” - Tim Lucas, Editor of VIDEO WATCHDOG

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