Romanzo Criminale (Season One) (Amazon)

Directed by : Stefano Sollima
Available Date : 11/30/-0001
Release Year : 2008
Running Time : 660
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/ English subtitles
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A criminal known as "The Lebanese" (Franceso Monanari) has a dream: to conquer the underworld of Rome. To carry out this feat without precedent he puts together a ruthless and highly organized gang. Their progress and changes in leadership take place over twenty-five years, from the 1970s into the '90s, and are inseparably intertwined with the dark history of modern Italy.

Publish Date : 0000-00-00
  • Stefano Sollima - Director
  • Vinicio Marchioni - Actor
  • Mauro Meconi - Actor
  • Edoardo Pesce - Actor
  • Francesco Montanari - Actor

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