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Shoot First, Die Later (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Fernando Di Leo
Available Date : 05/28/2013
Release Year : 1974
Running Time : 94
UPC : 816018010531
Country : Italy, France
Language: Italian and English, w/ English subtitles
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Desperately sought after, the tough, exciting, dramatically potent, action packed film Shoot First, Die Later is known as one of the most impressive Italian crime/police movies ever made.

Luc Merenda gives the performance of his career as a highly regarded police detective who is taking syndicate money in exchange for departmental favors. His father, a simple man, also works for the department but on a lower rung; he isn't jealous of his son, but rather proud of him, little knowing that he's a crooked cop. A series of events leads the young detective to ask his father for a favor (he wants a certain police report that is desired by the syndicate) and it doesn't take long for the detective's father to realize his son is on the take...which leads to numerous complications.

*Shoot First, Die Later will be part of the Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection Vol. 2 available July 2013.

Publish Date : 0000-00-00
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  • Fernando Di Leo - Director
  • Luc Merenda - Actor
  • Salvo Randone - Actor
  • Richard Conte - Actor
  • Raymond Pellegrin - Actor

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