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Slaughter Hotel (DVD)

Directed by : Fernando Di Leo
Available Date : 12/09/2014
Release Year : 1971
Running Time : 89
UPC : 816018010906
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/ English subtitles
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Fernando DiLeo, best known for a series of westerns and crime films, tried his hand at horror with this extremely sick little item loaded with nudity and violence. Set at a remote mental institution (inexplicably located in a castle), the film features Klaus Kinski as a doctor whose mostly female patients are being brutally dispatched by a psychopath. Margaret Lee and Rosalba Neri are among the frequently unclothed cast, and there are decapitations, crossbow bolts in the eye, and -- in some foreign prints -- fairly explicit sex.

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  • Fernando Di Leo - Director
  • Rosalba Neri - Actor
  • Margaret Lee - Actor
  • Klaus Kinski - Actor

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