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S.O.S. Iceberg (DVD)

Directed by : Tay Garnett, Arnold Fanck
Crew : Richard Angst , Hans Schneeberger
Available Date : 11/08/2005
Release Year : 1933
Running Time : 86
UPC : 738329042226
Country : Germany
Language: German w/English subt.
Subject : German Cinema & Culture, Film and Media Studies - German Cinema, Film and Media Studies - Classic Cinema
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In a departure from the trademark Alpine settings of Arnold Fanck's Bergfilme ("Mountain Films"), S.O.S. Iceberg (S.O.S. Eisberg) takes place off the coast of Greenland, where an explorer, Karl Lorenz (Gustav Diessl), is stranded on a steadily-eroding iceberg. A rescue crew, led by the heroic Johannes Krafft (Sepp Rist), reaches Prof. Lorenz, but also becomes stranded, as does Mrs. Lorenz (Leni Riefenstahl), who crashes her plane while trying to land in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Surrounded by polar bears on their shrinking iceberg, the explorer and his would-be rescuers battle the elements, and each other, while waiting for a miracle.

S.O.S. Iceberg was filmed simultaneously in an English-language version, which is presented in its entirety on this DVD. The differences between the two are not merely lingual. Each film is edited differently and includes prolonged sequences not seen in its transatlantic counterpart.

*Note: the actors Gordon Gowland and Rod La Rocque only appear in the US version of the film.

Product Extras :

  • Alternate English language version (runs 76 min.)
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Photo gallery

  • Tay Garnett - Director
  • Arnold Fanck - Director
  • Rod La Rocque - Actor
  • Ernst Udet - Actor
  • Sepp Rist - Actor
  • Gustav Diessl - Actor
  • Gibson Gowland - Actor
  • Leni Riefenstahl - Actor
  • Richard Angst - Cinematographer
  • Hans Schneeberger - Cinematographer

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