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Star Pilot (2+5 Missione Hydra) (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Pietro Francisci
Available Date : 07/04/2023
Release Year : 1966
Running Time : 91
UPC : 738329263218
Country : Italy
Language: Italian with English Subtitles
Genre : Science Fiction
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A kitschy sci-fi extravaganza recently restored in 4K, Star Pilot (2+5 Missione Hydra, 1966) is a wildly colorful adventure through the vastness of space. Aliens from the constellation Hydra crash-land on the island of Sardinia. A prominent scientist, his daughter, several young technicians, and a pair of spies are taken hostage by the beings so they can use them to repair their spaceship’s broken engine. With that done, they take off towards their home planet, taking the Earthlings with them. However, the humans attempt to mutiny against their captors, inadvertently sending their tiny spaceship hurtling into the infinite beyond.

Product Extras :

Alternate English-language cut of the feature (86 minutes)

Audio commentary by author and film historian David Del Valle

Publish Date : 2023-06-06
  • Pietro Francisci - Director
  • Leonora Ruffo - Actor
  • Anthony Freeman - Actor

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