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Terror Circus (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Alan Rudolph
Available Date : 07/12/2022
Release Year : 1974
Running Time : 91
UPC : 738329259556
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Horror
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Three beautiful young women are bound for Las Vegas to become showgirls. It’s not long before their car breaks down, stranding them in the middle of the Nevada desert. After spending the night in their car, a man named Andre (Andrew Prine, Grizzly, Simon, King of the Witches) offers them a lift to his place and a tow truck. But the girls quickly learn there’s more to Andre than meets the eye and they’re soon taken prisoner, joining a slew of other women. Andre fancies himself a ringleader and these girls are trained and whipped like circus animals. Meanwhile, Andre’s daddy is a hideous mutant locked in an outhouse shed, and one of his captives reminds Andre of his dead mommy. Escape seems hopeless at first, but when the pretty girls don’t show up for their gig, their agent, Derek Moore (Jazz DJ Legend Chuck Niles) starts looking for them. This cult horror film was directed by the great Alan Rudolph (Choose Me, Trouble in Mind, The Moderns).

Product Extras :

Born Again! Returning to Terror Circus: Interviews with Associate Producer Marvin Almeas, Costume Designer Allan A. Apone, Actress Jennifer Ashley and Special Makeup/Effects Creators Byrd Holland and Douglas J. White

Publish Date : 2022-06-07
  • Alan Rudolph - Director
  • Andrew Prine - Actor
  • Manuela Thiess - Actor
  • Sherry Alberoni - Actor
  • Gyl Roland - Actor
  • Sheila Bromley - Actor
  • Gil Lamb - Actor
  • Al Cormier - Actor
  • Chuck Niles - Actor
  • Jennifer Ashley - Actor
  • Byrd Holland - Actor

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