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The Atheism Tapes with Jonathan Miller (DVD)

Directed by : Richard Denton
Available Date : 11/01/2009
Release Year : 2005
Running Time : 180
UPC : 689076852180
Country : U.K.
Language: English
Subject : Religion & Spirituality, Philosophy,
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As part of the making of the ground-breaking series "A Brief History of Disbelief," Jonathan Miller filmed conversations with some very distinguished minds. Jonathan, of course, could not resist the temptation to make these conversations wide ranging and so - naturally enough - their final contributions to "A Brief History of Disbelief" are only a small part of the original interviews.In these off-the-record interviews, neurologist turned playwright, filmmaker and self-described atheist Jonathan Miller filmed conversations with six of today’s leading men of letters and science: biologist and New York Times best-selling author Richard Dawkins, philosophers Daniel Dennett and Colin McGinn, distinguished playwright Arthur Miller, theologian Denys Turner and Nobel Prize winning physicist Steven Weinberg, who discuss their personal intellectual journeys and offer illuminating analysis of nontheism from a wide range of perspectives.

The Atheism Tapes is a ground-breaking series that will challenge your basic beliefs.

Publish Date : 2009-11-01
  • Richard Denton - Director
  • Steven Weinberg - Himself
  • Arthur Miller - Himself
  • Colin McGinn - Himself
  • Daniel Dennett - Himself
  • Richard Dawkins - Himself
  • Jonathan Miller - Himself

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