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The Blue Angel (Kino On-Demand 2013)

Directed by : Josef von Sternberg
Available Date : 11/30/-0001
Release Year : 1930
Running Time : 106
UPC : 738329010447
Country : Germany
Language: German w/English subtitles
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$14.99 (Kino On-Demand 2013)
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Please note, the Blue Angel is now available as a deluxe 2 Blu-ray Edition, click here to view.

The crowning achievement of the Weimar cinema, The Blue Angel is an exquisite parable of one man's fall from respectability, presented in the newly-restored German version.

Emil Jannings (The Last Laugh, Faust, Othello), the quintessential German expressionist actor, stars as Professor Rath, the sexually-repressed instructor of a boys' prep school. After learning of the pupils' infatuation with French postcards depicting a local nightclub songstress, he decides to personally investigate the source of such indecency. But as soon as he enters the shadowy Blue Angel nightclub and steals one glimpse of the smoldering Lola-Lola (Marlene Dietrich), commanding the stage in top hat, stockings, and bare thighs, Rath's self-righteous piety is crushed. He finds himself fatefully seduced by the throaty voice of the vulgar siren, singing "Falling In Love Again." Consumed by desire and tormented by his rigid propriety, Professor Rath allows himself to be dragged down a path of personal degradation.

Lola's unrestrained sexuality was a revelation to turn-of-the-decade moviegoers, thrusting Dietrich to the forefront of the sultry international leading ladies, such as Greta Garbo, who were challenging the limits of screen sexuality.

(*Note: title not for sale outside U.S. and Canada; BLU-RAY CONTAINS GERMAN VERSION ONLY.)

Product Extras : Special opening feature - Rare Marlene Dietrich Screen Test
  • Josef von Sternberg - Director
  • Hans Albers - Actor
  • Kurt Gerron - Actor
  • Marlene Dietrich - Actor
  • Emil Jannings - Actor

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