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The Demoniacs (Unrated Extended Cut) (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Jean Rollin
Crew : Jean-Jacques Renon , Pierre Raph , Lionel Wallmann , Pierre Querut
Available Date : 05/29/2012
Release Year : 1974
Running Time : 100
UPC : 738329095826
Country : France
Language: French with optional English subtitles
Genre : Horror, Erotic, Cult
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A Poe-like study of guilt and revenge, THE DEMONIACS (Les Démoniaques) concerns a band of "wreckers" who rape and murder two young sisters, the survivors (Lieva Lone, Patricia Hermenier) of a ship they have lured into coastal rocks and plundered. The ghostly sisters haunt the Captain and obtain help from a mysterious clown (Mirielle d'Argent) who leads them to an impressive disused cathedral. There they meet a gnostic priest (Ben Zimet) standing guard over a cell that harbors the Devil himself (Miletic Zivomir), who empowers the angelic girls sexually with the evil necessary to exact their revenge.

If ever one of Rollin's films was presided over by a singular compelling presence, it is that of Joelle Coeur, the mysterious auburn-tressed female lead. As Tina the Wrecker, Coeur seems to incarnate the perverse libido, stripping and publicly pleasuring herself while in thrall to the rape and pillage of her gruff associates.

(excerpt of the essay by Tim Lucas)

Product Extras :
  • Mastered in HD from the 35mm negative
  • French with optional English subtitles
  • Introduction by Jean Rollin
  • Two deleted sex scenes (10 min.)
  • Additional deleted footage (2 min.)
  • Interview with Jean Bouyxou
  • Interview with Natalie Perrey
  • 16-page booklet with an essay by Tim Lucas, editor of Video Watchdog
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Original trailers of seven other Rollin films
Publish Date : 0000-00-00
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  • Jean Rollin - Director
  • Jean Rollin - Writer
  • Joëlle Coeur - Actor
  • John Rico - Actor
  • Lieva Lone - Actor
  • Patricia Hermenier - Actor
  • Louise Dhour - Actor
  • Willy Braque - Actor
  • Paul Bisciglia - Actor
  • Miletic Zivomir - Actor
  • Jean-Jacques Renon - Cinematographer
  • Pierre Raph - Composer
  • Lionel Wallmann - Producer
  • Pierre Querut - Producer


"One of Rollin's most impressive yet atypical films." - Tim Lucas, Editor of VIDEO WATCHDOG

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