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The Earth Dies Screaming (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Terence Fisher
Available Date : 10/04/2016
Release Year : 1964
Running Time : 62
UPC : 738329206468
Country : U.K.
Language: English
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Their target: Humanity. Their mission: Total Annihilation! The world has just been decimated by an unstoppable, merciless army of killer robots, and millions of innocent souls have been wiped out! Only a handful of survivors have managed to escape the deadly alien apocalypse, and they must endure a non-stop struggle to save themselves from destruction, and somehow find a way to defeat the marauding death machines... before the entire human race becomes extinct! Legendary Hammer director Terence Fisher (Horror of Dracula) directed this Sci-Fi thriller written by Harry Spalding (Chosen Survivors) under the pseudonym Henry Cross and starring Willard Parker, Virginia Field, Dennis Price and Thorley Walters.

Product Extras :

Audio Commentary by Film Historian Richard Harland Smith

Animated Photo Montage


Publish Date : 2016-09-06
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  • Terence Fisher - Director
  • Willard Parker - Actor
  • Virginia Field - Actor
  • Dennis Price - Actor
  • Thorley Walters - Actor

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