The Little Death (Unrated Director's Cut) (DVD)

Directed by : Bret Wood
Crew : Linda Burns , Sauer, Rodney , Paul Mercer , Alexandra West , Chris Tsambis , Bret Wood , Chris Tsambis
Available Date : 02/21/2012
Release Year : 2011
Running Time : 75
UPC : 738329083021
Country : U.S.
Language: English
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An erotic thriller from the director of Psychopathia Sexualis, THE LITTLE DEATH offers a peek into the seedy boudoirs of a Victorian-era brothel, where a strong-willed reformer (Courtney Patterson) and a corrupter of innocence battle over the fate of a young woman (Christie Vozniak) who seems to be held there in sexual captivity. While the owner attempts to mesmerize and seduce the would-be rescuer, a meek student (Clifton Guterman) wanders into the house and becomes a tragic pawn in the psychological game of cat-and-mouse that is rapidly unfolding.

Based on the play Death and Devil by Frank Wedekind (Spring Awakening), integrated with Anton Chekhov’s short story “A Nervous Breakdown,” THE LITTLE DEATH provides a thoughtful examination of the immorality of prostitution—but then savagely dashes all preconceived notions of “good vs. evil” in a climax that is as violent as it is unexpected.

Product Extras :
  • Deleted scenes
  • Behind-the-scenes documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew
  • “The Other Half” (2008, 17 min.), a short film by Bret Wood
  • Theatrical trailer
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  • Bret Wood - Director
  • Bret Wood - Writer
  • Courtney Patterson - Actor
  • J.C. Long - Actor
  • Jill Perry - Actor
  • Christie Vozniak - Actor
  • Sarah Falls - Actor
  • Gayle Rej - Actor
  • Clifton Guterman - Actor
  • Jerilynn Bedingfield - Actor
  • Jeremiah Kulani Prescott - Calypso
  • Daniel May - Actor
  • Joe Sykes - Actor
  • Linda Burns - Producer
  • Sauer, Rodney - Composer
  • Paul Mercer - Composer
  • Alexandra West - Art Director
  • Chris Tsambis - Cinematographer
  • Bret Wood - Executive Producer
  • Chris Tsambis - Executive Producer


“UTTERLY ENCHANTING...Lushly shot and impeccably acted, ‘The Little Death’ surprises you with its literate approach to the controversial subject of sex for sale.” - Daily Film Fix

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