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The Olive Thomas Collection (DVD)

Directed by : Alan Crosland, Andie Hicks
Available Date : 08/24/2021
Release Year : 2005
Running Time : 146
UPC : 784148013145
Country : U.S.
Language: English
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In the heyday of silent films, a winsome ingénue named Olive Thomas – affectionately dubbed "Ollie" by her friends and fans – possessed a seemingly charmed life. Born in the coal mining town of Charleroi, Pennsylvania in 1894, her astonishing beauty and spirit carried her to New York City, finding fame and fortune in the Big Apple. She became a favorite of illustrators, the "Darling of the Condé Nast crowd," and even the mascot of the New York Yankees. It wasn’t long before she made the transition to cinema, and her career highlights have stood time immemorial, earning their place here in THE OLIVE THOMAS COLLECTION.

The Flapper is an exceedingly charming comedy about Ginger King, a small town girl who attends an East Coast boarding school and dreams of romantic adventures. Ginger feels she has outgrown her young boyfriend and flirts with an older man, but in her efforts to become sophisticated, she unwittingly gets mixed up with a couple of crooks and entrusted with a batch of stolen jewels.

Meanwhile, Olive Thomas: Everybody’s Sweetheart explores the life and death of one of the first onscreen flappers. By the time she appeared in the titular film, Thomas had completed her work in more than seventeen roles! Beneath the glitter of success, though, she had her share of tragedy and heartache to spare. With her life cut tragically and mysteriously short at age 25, there's plenty to Thomas' story that remains untold.

Publish Date : 2021-08-24
  • Alan Crosland - Director
  • Andie Hicks - Director
  • Olive Thomas - Actor
  • Theodore Westman Jr. - Actor
  • William P. Carleton - Actor
  • Rosanna Arquette - Narrator

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