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The Overcoat (DVD)

Directed by : Alberto Lattuada
Available Date : 06/01/2013
Release Year : 1952
Running Time : 107
UPC : 816018010272
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/English subtitles
Genre : World Cinema, Drama
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Based on the Nikolai Gogol story but set in modern-day Italy (1952), THE OVERCOAT is the story of a poor city hall clerk (Renato Rascel) whose only desire is to buy a new overcoat. The town Mayor (Giulio Stival) is planning a reception for some visiting VIPs in honor of a new, wasteful piece of construction. The clerk bungles an assignment for the reception and is fired. But when he stumbles into a bribery scheme concerning the architects, in order to keep him quiet, he's given his job back plus a bonus. He purchases his long-cherished overcoat, only to have it stolen. Tragic twists and acts of retribution follow.
Product Extras :

• Audio commentary by Flavio de Bernardinis (Professor of film and film criticism at the University La Sapienza of Rome)
• Interview with Angelo Pasquini (screenwriter and director)
• Cut scenes
• New and improved English subtitles
• New digital restoration in collaboration with The Turin National Film Museum
• New transfer from original 35mm negative
• Fully illustrated booklet containing critical analysis

  • Alberto Lattuada - Director
  • Giulio Stival - Actor
  • Yvonne Sanson - Actor
  • Renato Rascel - Actor


Top Foreign Films National Board of Review
Official Selection Cannes Film Festival

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