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The Valachi Papers (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Terence Young
Available Date : 11/15/2022
Release Year : 1972
Running Time : 125
UPC : 738329261061
Country : U.S.
Language: English
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Screen legends Charles Bronson (Violent City, Breakout) and Lino Ventura (The Sicilian Clan, Illustrious Corpses) star in The Valachi Papers, a hard-hitting docudrama of the criminal underworld. Sentenced to 15 years in prison, former mob “button man” Joe Valachi (Bronson) turns informant when he learns top Mafia capo Vito Genovese (Ventura) has put a $100,000 contract out on his life. From thievery and extortion to vengeance and murder, Valachi spills the innermost workings of the Cosa Nostra, culminating in his riveting testimony before a Senate subcommittee on organized crime. Directed by action-thriller ace Terence Young (From Russia with Love, Cold Sweat) from Peter Maas’ best-selling book, The Valachi Papers is gripping, shocking…and absolutely true. Also starring Jill Ireland (The Valdez Horses) and Joseph Wiseman (Dr. No), and featuring a marvelous score by Riz Ortolani (The 7th Dawn).

Product Extras :

-Audio Commentary by Film Historian Paul Talbot, the Author of the BRONSON'S LOOSE! Books
-U.S. Theatrical Trailer
-German Theatrical Trailer
-TV Spot
-Radio Spot
-Optional English Subtitles

Publish Date : 2022-10-11
  • Terence Young - Director
  • Charles Bronson - Actor
  • Lino Ventura - Actor
  • Jill Ireland - Actor
  • Joseph Wiseman - Actor
  • Gerald S. O'Loughlin - Actor
  • Walter Chiari - Actor
  • Amedeo Nazzari - Actor
  • Fausto Tozzi - Actor
  • Anthony Dawson - Actor

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