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This is Not a Movie (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Olallo Rubio
Crew : Abraham Neme , Max Blasquez , Olallo Rubio , Juan Jose Saravia , Slash , Jose Antonio O'Farril , Jose Nacif , Olallo Rubio , Antonio Reyes
Available Date : 03/20/2012
Release Year : 2011
Running Time : 99
UPC : 738329088422
Country : Mexico
Language: English
Genre : Drama, Comedy
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Twisted, apocalyptic satire, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE envisions the end of the world through the bi-polar mind of a strung-out pop-culture addict.

Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) stars as Pete Nelson, a depressive loser waiting out the end of days in a Las Vegas hotel room. Suffering from selective amnesia, he can't remember large swathes of his past, and resorts to interrogating his multiple personalities (and a local ghost) for clues to his own existence. His search is continually interrupted by surreal hallucinations and bizarre fake movie trailers (like Reagan Force). Pete's quixotic journey leads him to an ascetic writer living in the desert (Peter Coyote), who ultimately turns both of their worlds upside down.

With a jagged, atmospheric score from Slash (formerly of Guns 'N' Roses), THIS IS NOT A MOVIE is joltingly psychedelic experience you won't soon forget.

Product Extras :
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Interviews with Peter Coyote and Slash
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Stills Gallery
  • Olallo Rubio - Director
  • Olallo Rubio - Writer
  • Julian Sedgwick - Actor
  • Edi Gathegi - Actor
  • Peter Coyote - Actor
  • Edward Furlong - Actor
  • Abraham Neme - Executive Producer
  • Max Blasquez - Executive Producer
  • Olallo Rubio - Executive Producer
  • Juan Jose Saravia - Cinematographer
  • Slash - Composer
  • Jose Antonio O'Farril - Producer
  • Jose Nacif - Producer
  • Olallo Rubio - Producer
  • Antonio Reyes - Producer

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