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Tomorrow’s Children / Child Bride (Forbidden Fruit Vol. 5) (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Crane Wilbur, Harry J. Revier
Available Date : 05/05/2020
Release Year : 1934
Running Time : 55
UPC : 738329246914
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Cult, Drama
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Exploitation films of the 1930s didn’t only warn citizens of the dangers of drugs and venereal disease. The genre brazenly confronted on a wide array of distasteful issues, as evidenced in this double feature of two of the most bizarre entries in the exploitation canon. Tomorrow’s Children is an exposé of eugenics, in which a young woman (Diane Sinclair) from a family of genetic degenerates is ordered by the court to be sterilized. Notorious even by today’s standards, Child Bride follows a crusading schoolteacher (Diana Durrell) as she tries to halt the practice of child marriage in a backwoods community, before it claims another innocent victim (Shirley Mills).

Product Extras :

Audio commentary for Tomorrow’s Children by Eric Schaefer, author of Bold! Daring! Shocking! True!: A History of Exploitation Films; audio commentary for Child Bride by film historian Alexandra Heller-Nicholas; trailer gallery

Publish Date : 2020-04-07
  • Crane Wilbur - Director
  • Harry J. Revier - Director
  • Diane Sinclair - Actor
  • Carlyle Moore Jr. - Actor
  • Sterling Holloway - Actor
  • Shirley Mills - Actor
  • Bob Bollinger - Actor
  • Warner Richmond - Actor
  • Diana Durrell - Actor

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