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Torment (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Samson Aslanian
Available Date : 07/21/2020
Release Year : 1986
Running Time : 85
UPC : 738329248918
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Horror
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Torment—the anatomy of murder… family style. If the suspense doesn’t get you, the terror will! Bob (William Witt) is a mild-mannered, likeable middle-aged guy, charming and sincere, but he does have one serious character failing, he has a penchant for killing young women for the slightest provocation, real or imagined and his methods are, shall we say, rather barbaric. Luckily for Bob, the city-wide manhunt is on the wrong trail and Bob feels more than a little pleased with himself. It’s a shame that his future son-in-law, Michael (Warren Lincoln), is making such a nuisance of himself and further shame that his daughter Jennifer (Taylor Gilbert) trusts her detective fiancé more than she trusts her dear old dad. Well, dear old dad is just going to have to teach these young kids a lesson, spare the rod, spoil the child and if Michael’s invalid mother (Eve Brenner) gets in the way, well, she’ll have to be done away with too. Written and directed by Samson Aslanian and John Hopkins and featuring a haunting score by Christopher Young (Drag Me to Hell, Species, Sinister).

Product Extras :

Brand New 2K Master

NEW Interview with Composer Christopher Young

Optional English Subtitles


Publish Date : 2020-06-23
  • Samson Aslanian - Director
  • Taylor Gilbert - Actor
  • William Witt - Actor
  • Eve Brenner - Actor
  • Warren Lincoln - Actor
  • Najean Cherry - Actor
  • Stan Weston - Actor

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