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Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Gabriele Albanesi
Available Date : 06/01/2013
Release Year : 2010
Running Time : 87
UPC : 816018010029
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/English subtitles
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Alessio Rinaldi, a 25-year-old director, is commissioned by a producer to write the script of his first movie with Ubaldo Terzani, a well-known horror novelist. Alessio moves into Terzani's house to start this collaboration, and a strange relationship of psychological dependence grows between them: Ubaldo Terzani unveils his dark side, and Alessio falls into a state of insanity ruled by the script they are creating and the nightmares he has because of it.

  • Gabriele Albanesi - Director
  • Laura Gigante - Actor
  • Paolo Sassanelli - Actor
  • Giuseppe Soleri - Actor


"Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show is definitely worth a watch. It hearkens back to the golden age of Italian horror, but not so much that it feels like homage. It's smarter than your average horror picture and finishes with a bang that should satisfy most bloodhounds. I would hope that this could signal a return to prominence for Italian genre filmmaking, but that remains to be seen." - DVDVerdict

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