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Directed by : Hernán Findling
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Country : Argentina
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
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Death and destruction reign down on a horror film’s cast and crew when murderous characters from the movie come alive. An indie film director schemes with his shady producer to make their recently completed movie a hit with the help of a mysterious artificial intelligence file. He invites his cast and crew to his house, but what begins as a celebratory screening of the final cut quickly turns to a bloodbath when the movie characters – including a sword-wielding, violence-loving Celtic knight – come alive and begin to exact their revenge on the innocents. This violent and gruesome meta horror film was directed by Hernan Findling (Impossible Crimes, 2019).
  • Hernán Findling - Director
  • Vanesa González - Actor
  • Federico Bal - Actor
  • Christian Sancho - Actor
  • Guillermo Berthold - Actor

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