Zero Bridge (DVD)

Directed by : Tariq Tapa
Crew : Josée Lajoie , Tariq Tapa , Ed Branstetter , Calvin Preece , Josée Lajoie , Hunter Gray , Paul Mezey , Hilal Ahmed Langoo , Tyler Brodie
Available Date : 06/12/2012
Release Year : 2008
Running Time : 97
UPC : 738329093426
Country : India
Language: Kashmiri and Urdu with English subtitles
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A truly independent film of integrity and offhand grace, ZERO BRIDGE tells the deeply affecting tale of a student and small-time criminal in Kashmir who develops a crush on an older, college educated woman.

Dilawar (Mohamed Imran Tapa) is a rebellious seventeen-year-old Kashmiri boy who lives on the outskirts of Srinagar city with his strict uncle. Desperate to leave town, he looks to raise money any way he can, from doing classmates' homework to picking pockets in the city's markets. While on an errand, he meets Bani (Taniya Khan), a bright, beautiful woman who had recently finished her studies in America. As their friendship grows, Dilawar is desperate to hide his crimes, as well as his growing affection for her. Once the truth comes out, it causes havoc in their relationship, and threatens both of their futures.

Tariq Tapa's first feature is a small movie with a big heart, investigating issues of class and the mysteries of love with an equal measure of craft and compassion.

Product Extras :
  • Leonard Lopate radio interview with Tariq Tapa
  • Audio of Opening Night Q&A at the Film Forum
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Director's Statement
  • Tariq Tapa - Director
  • Tariq Tapa - Writer
  • Ben Huff - Calypso
  • Taniya Khan - Actor
  • Muhamad Imran Tapa - Actor
  • Ali Mohammad Dar - Actor
  • Josée Lajoie - Executive Producer
  • Tariq Tapa - Executive Producer
  • Ed Branstetter - Producer
  • Calvin Preece - Producer
  • Josée Lajoie - Producer
  • Hunter Gray - Producer
  • Paul Mezey - Producer
  • Hilal Ahmed Langoo - Producer
  • Tyler Brodie - Producer


"A moving slice of life." - Mike Hall, The New York Times

"Amazingly mature and enjoyable, with realistic performances and a great look." - V.A. Musetto, New York Post

"Critics' pick! Packs an impressive emotional wallop." - LA Weekly

"Tariq Tapa is a filmmaker of enormous promise and precocious maturity." - Ella Taylor, Village Voice


John Cassavetes Award Nominee Independent Spirit Awards
Official Selection Los Angeles Film Festival

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