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Agatha Christie's Criminal Games: Season 4 (DVD)

Available Date : 09/02/2023
Release Year : 2020
Running Time : 452
UPC : 815047010079
Country : France
Language: French w/ English subtitles
Genre : Mystery, Comedy, Crime
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With more feature-length mysteries inspired by the great Agatha Christie following the suave Inspector Laurence (Samuel Labarthe) and his journalist confidant Alice Avril (Blandine Bellavoir), AGATHA CHRISTIE'S CRIMINAL GAMES: SEASON 4 continues to deliver! Borrowing from Christie's most iconic storylines with a modern twist, these two crime-solvers regularly find themselves in the company of scheming criminals, sexy fatales and brilliant mysteries galore!

  • Nicolas Picard-Dreyfuss - Director
  • Christophe Campos - Director
  • Sylvie Simon - Writer
  • Thierry Debroux - Writer
  • Flore Kosinetz - Writer
  • Hélène Lombard - Writer
  • Samuel Labarthe - Actor
  • Blandine Bellavoir - Actor
  • Elodie Frenck - Actor

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