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Beck: Episodes 4-6 (DVD)

Available Date : 03/14/2023
Release Year : 2012
Running Time : 260
UPC : 815047015548
Country : Sweden
Language: Swedish with English subtitles
Genre : Drama, Mystery, Crime
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The rivalry continues as principled detective Martin Beck clashes with his hot-headed partner Gunvald Larsson over cases, leads, and where clues may lead next. It's good-cop-bad-cop in the seedy Stockholm underworld, but will these two officers put their differences aside for the greater good? Collects Episodes 4-6 of the non-stop Swedish series, including "Serial Killer," "The Pearl Hotel" and "The Monster."

  • Kjell Sundvall - Director
  • Harald Hamrell - Director
  • Rolf Börjlind - Writer
  • Maj Sjöwall - Writer
  • Peter Haber - Actor
  • Mikael Persbrandt - Actor
  • Stina Rautelin - Actor

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