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Cherif: The Complete Series (DVD)

Available Date : 08/08/2023
Release Year : 2022
Running Time : 3178
UPC : 815047010208
Country : France
Language: French w/ English subtitles
Genre : Crime, Comedy, Romance
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$127.46 (DVD)
MSRP: $149.95
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France has produced many a dark, gritty police procedural...but this isn't one of them! Meet Capt. Kader Cherif of the Lyon Crime Brigade, known for the eccentric methods of casework he pulls right out of vintage cop shows, advice from his mother and even his own rear end. His cheekiness may help when hunting down criminals, but he takes his personal life very seriously, with custody of his teenage daughter always on his mind. Only a new partner, Capt. Adeline Briard, can throw a wrench in Cherif's works with her by-the-book style and sultry allure. It's any guess as to whether these two will solve the case or fall for each other first as CHERIF: THE COMPLETE SERIES returns to home video once more!

  • Vincent Giovanni - Director
  • Julien Zidi - Director
  • Akim Isker - Director
  • Karim Ouaret - Director
  • Lionel Olenga - Writer
  • Stéphane Drouet - Writer
  • Laurent Scalese - Writer
  • Abdelhafid Metalsi - Actor
  • Carole Bianic - Actor
  • Mélèze Bouzid - Actor

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