Dead Dicks (Blu-ray)

Available Date : 07/28/2020
Release Year : 2019
Running Time : 83
UPC : 851597006865
Country : Canada
Language: English
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This light-hearted, metaphysical sci-fi horror film is a bizarre celebration of death, resurrection and insanity. Think ""Harold and Maude"" meets ""Groundhog Day"" as directed by Alain Resnais (Last Year at Marienbad). Richie is a suicidal young man who, every time he kills himself, finds himself very much alive but with a dead body of him in his apartment. His sister comes to the rescue, but as the bodies pile up, the pair think that a vagina-like opening in Richie's bedroom might hold the answer.

Product Extras :

*Directors' Commentary with Directors Chris Bavota & Lee Paula Springer
*4 video diaries with directors Chris Bavota & Lee Paula Springer
*Behind-the-Scenes featurette
*FX featurette
*Photo Gallery

Publish Date : 2020-06-20
  • Chris Bavota - Director
  • Lee Paula Springer - Director
  • Heston Horwin - Actor
  • Jillian Harris - Actor
  • Matt Keyes - Actor
  • Kristina Sandev - Actor
  • Leyda Aleyli - Actor

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