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Detective Montalbano: Episode 37 (DVD)

Available Date : 09/12/2023
Release Year : 2022
Running Time : 117
UPC : 815047010161
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/ English subtitles
Genre : Drama, Crime, Mystery
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In the final episode of DETECTIVE MONTALBANO, nothing about the crime is what it seems. There's a fatal stabbing, but no blood, and a disappearing corpse to boot. To complicate things, the new head of Forensics (Greta Scarano) joins the investigation and quickly proves to be Salvo's equal. A case marking the end of a 22-year adventure, acclaimed as one of the best crime dramas ever. For the beloved characters, in true Pirandello style, maybe it's not the end...maybe it's only a beginning.

  • Alberto Sironi - Director
  • Luca Zingaretti - Director
  • Andrea Camilleri - Writer
  • Ester Viola - Writer
  • Luca Zingaretti - Actor
  • Cesare Bocci - Actor
  • Peppino Mazzotta - Actor

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