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Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves (DVD)

Directed by : Simon Kaijser
Available Date : 08/09/2023
Release Year : 2020
Running Time : 174
UPC : 815047010048
Country : Sweden
Language: Swedish with English subtitles
Genre : Drama, Romance, LGBTQ
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Rasmus (Adam Pålsson) was excited to leave his rural roots for college in Stockholm, a chance to openly express and embrace his gay identity. When sparks fly between him and questioning young man Benjamin (Adam Lundgren), their love brushes up against and becomes threatened by Benjamin's religious upbringing. A sweepingly emotional miniseries set against the backdrop of Sweden's AIDS crisis, adapted from the literary trilogy by Jonas Gardell and co-starring Simon J. Berger, Emil Almén, Stefan Sauk, and Marie Richardson.

  • Simon Kaijser - Director
  • Jonas Gardell - Writer
  • Adam Pålsson - Actor
  • Adam Lundgren - Actor
  • Simon J. Berger - Actor
  • Emil Almén - Actor
  • Stefan Sauk - Actor
  • Marie Richardson - Actor

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