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Edison: The Invention of the Movies (DVD)

Crew : Donald Sosin , Jon C. Mirsalis , Philip Carlii , Ben Model , Clark Wilson
Available Date : 10/03/2023
Release Year : 1891-1918
Running Time : 730
UPC : 738329263997
Country : U.S.
Subject : Film Studies, Media & Communications, American Studies, Journalism and Mass Communications
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A comprehensive survey of one of cinema's most influential figures, Edison: The Invention of the Movies is a monumental collection of 140 archival motion pictures. From 19th-century camera tests never intended for public screening to the last feature length film released by the Thomas A. Edison Studios in 1918 (The Unbeliever), the collection is digitally mastered with musical scores, surrounded by a wealth of historical documents and interviews with leading film archvists and historians.

Product Extras :
  • Two hours of video interviews with cinema scholars, discussing specific films, the Edison Studios, and efforts to preserve the Edison legacy
  • Photo archives of more than 200 documents from MoMA's Edison Collection
  • Detailed film notes by Charles Musser, the world's leading authority on the Edison studio
Publish Date : 2023-09-05
  • William K.L. Dickson - Director
  • James H. White - Director
  • Alfred Clark - Director
  • Alan Crosland - Director
  • Various - Director
  • Eugen Sandow - Actor
  • Fred Ott - Actor
  • Annie Oakley - Actor
  • John C. Rice - Actor
  • May Irwin - Actor
  • Donald Sosin - Composer
  • Jon C. Mirsalis - Composer
  • Philip Carlii - Composer
  • Ben Model - Composer
  • Clark Wilson - Composer

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