Emily @ the Edge of Chaos (DVD)

Directed by : Wendy Apple
Crew : Wendy Apple
Available Date : 08/03/2021
Release Year : 2021
Running Time : 61
UPC : 738329255169
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Documentary, Comedy
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The brilliantly illuminating Emily @ the Edge of Chaos interweaves Emily Levine’s live performance with
animation, appearances by scientists, and animated characters (John Lithgow as Sir Isaac Newton, Lily Tomlin as Ayn Rand, Leonard Nimoy as Sigmund Freud, Richard Lewis as Aristotle, Matt Groening as Aldo Leopold). The film uses physics – which explains how the universe works – to explain our metaphysics – the story of our values, our institutions, our interactions. Using her own experience and a custom blend of insight and humor, provocation and inspiration, personal story and social commentary,
Emily takes her audience through its own paradigm shift: from the Fear of Change to the Edge of Chaos.

Emily Levine, like her film, was one-of-a-kind. She was a television writer, a stand-up performer, and an out-of-the box-thinker, whose brilliant TED talks have been seen by millions. She made this film with Wendy Apple, who produced and directed it. Wendy died in 2017 and Emily continued working on the film until she also passed away in 2019.

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Publish Date : 2021-07-06
  • Wendy Apple - Director
  • Emily Levine - Writer
  • Emily Levine - Actor
  • John Lithgow - Actor
  • Lily Tomlin - Actor
  • Leonard Nimoy - Actor
  • Richard Lewis - Actor
  • Matt Groening - Actor
  • Wendy Apple - Producer


"Go see Emily Levine at the risk of blowing your mind, splitting your sides, and exiting a better person."

"Completely hilarious."

"If you don't get Emily Levine's smart comedy, you're an idiot!"

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