Ferdinando & Carolina (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Lina Wertmüller
Available Date : 09/19/2017
Release Year : 1999
Running Time : 108
UPC : 738329208936
Country : Italy, France
Language: Italian
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NEW DCP COMING SOON! In the dazzling court of 18th century Naples, against their wishes, young King Ferdinando will wed Carolina, the sweet 16 year-old daughter of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.

As the monarchies of Europe hold their breath, something unexpected happens. King Ferdinando and Carolina share one common interest--a rollicking, orgiastic celebration of the senses, and plunge with gusto into the silken bed sheets to uphold their regal duties. As the court continues on with magnificent splendor, the sovereigns continue to reign, oblivious to the revolutionary tides that are on the verge of tearing France apart and overtaking all of Europe.

Product Extras :

Booklet essay by film critic Simon Abrams | Trailers

Publish Date : 2017-09-05
UV Canada Link : https://unobstructedview.com/ferdinando-and-carolina-blu-ray-kin20893-web.html
  • Lina Wertmüller - Director
  • Lina Wertmüller - Writer
  • Raffaele La Capria - Writer

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