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Gloria (Blu-ray)

Directed by : John Cassavetes
Available Date : 07/18/2023
Release Year : 1980
Running Time : 123
UPC : 738329263386
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
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The brilliant Gena Rowlands (A Woman Under the Influence, Opening Night) gives an Oscar-nominated performance (Best Actress, 1980) as an ex-gun moll and showgirl suddenly forced to protect a six-year-old kid in Gloria. Pioneering director and Rowlands’ partner, John Cassavetes (Faces, Husbands), known for his unique approach to filmmaking, creates a powerful, tension-filled story. An accountant (Buck Henry, Heaven Can Wait) is in possession of a ledger which could put a number of mob bosses behind bars for a long time. Before he is killed, however, he manages to entrust the ledger and his son to a neighbor, Gloria, for protection. Gloria reluctantly takes the kid on the run while keeping the mob at bay, sometimes at the point of a gun. Finally, tired of running, she decides to confront them head on!

Product Extras :

Two Theatrical Trailers

Optional English Subtitles

Publish Date : 2023-06-20
  • John Cassavetes - Director
  • Gena Rowlands - Actor
  • Buck Henry - Actor
  • Julie Carmen - Actor
  • Tom Noonan - Actor
  • Lawrence Tierney - Actor
  • Val Avery - Actor
  • John Adames - Actor

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