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H6 (DVD)

Directed by : Martin Garrido Baron
Available Date : 11/30/-0001
Release Year : 2005
Running Time :
UPC : 842498020210
Country : Spain
Language: Spanish
Genre : Horror
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Recently freed after 25 years for killing his girlfriend, Antonio Frau (Fernando Asaco) has just inherited an old motel from a relative he never knew. Old habits die hard and Antonio takes this as a sign from God to begin cleansing those who have lost the will to live. He leads his naive victims to room 6 where he purifies them through excruciating pain and blood-soaked torture, while at the same time, continuing his everyday life next to his new wife.

Product Extras :

Interview with the Director

Interview with Actor Fernando Asaco

Original Theatrical Trailer

  • Martin Garrido Baron - Director

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