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How to Make a Book with Steidl (DVD)

Directed by : Jörg Adolph, Gereon Wetzel
Crew : Ingo Fliess
Available Date : 04/09/2013
Release Year : 2010
Running Time : 88
UPC : 738329082628
Country : Germany
Language: German w/English subtitles
Subject : Journalism and Mass Communications, German Cinema & Culture, Art, Design & Architecture
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In this age of digital media, Gerhard Steidl stands as one of the few remaining publishers to maintain an unwavering commitment to the quality and craftsmanship of the printed book. For more than forty years, Steidl has personally supervised the publishing and printing of some of the most significant books on fashion, art, and photography.

In HOW TO MAKE A BOOK WITH STEIDL, filmmakers Gereon Wetzel and Joerg Adolph observe Steidl as he travels the world to meet and collaborate with such renowned photographers as Joel Sternfeld, Jeff Wall, and Ed Ruscha, working tirelessly to present their work in beautifully created books. Providing an insightful look at the way Steidl's printing press operates in Goettingen, Germany, HOW TO MAKE A BOOK also presents Steidl as a dynamic entrepreneur with an uncompromising passion for the craft of bookmaking.

  • Jörg Adolph - Director
  • Gereon Wetzel - Director
  • Günter Grass - Himself
  • Martin Parr - Himself
  • Gerhard Steidl - Himself
  • Ed Ruscha - Himself
  • Joel Sternfeld - Himself
  • Karl Lagerfeld - Himself
  • Robert Adams - Himself
  • Jeff Wall - Himself
  • Robert Frank - Himself
  • Ingo Fliess - Producer


"a DELIGHTFUL AND ENLIGHTENING DOCUMENTARY...we learn from this tour de force of dogged, sometimes unexpected observation that the legendary Steidl, a youthful-looking 60-year-old in this 2010 production, has no publishing formula except a custom approach to each project." - Tom Keough, Seattle Times


Official Selection Reykjavik International Film Festival

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