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Imma Tataranni (DVD)

Available Date : 08/09/2023
Release Year : 2021
Running Time : 657
UPC : 815047010116
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/ English subtitles
Genre : Drama, Crime, Mystery
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The storied and scenic city of Matera, Italy is known for lavish views as much as its crime rate...all in a day's work for oddball prosecutor Immacolata Tataranni (Vanessa Scalera). With her steel-trap recall and no-guff attitude, she upholds the law and keeps citizens safe while juggling family responsibilities along with her caseload. A charming, feature-length procedural for all to enjoy, this one-of-a-kind series features an all-star cast of Italian TV including Alessio Lapice, Massimiliano Gallo, Carlo Buccirosso, and Barbara Ronchi.

  • Francesco Amato - Director
  • Luca Arcidiacono - Director
  • Pier Paolo Piciarelli - Writer
  • Salvatore De Mola - Writer
  • Luca Vendruscolo - Writer
  • Vanessa Scalera - Actor
  • Alessio Lapice - Actor
  • Massimiliano Gallo - Actor
  • Barbara Ronchi - Actor

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