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Import, Export (DVD)

Directed by : Ulrich Seidi
Available Date : 04/14/2014
Release Year : 2005
Running Time : 136
UPC : 842498000144
Country : U.S.
Language: German/Slovak/Russian/English
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Olga and Paul. Both are looking for work, a new beginning, an existence, life: Olga, who comes from the Eastern part of Europe, where unremitting poverty is the order of the day. Paul, who comes from the Western part, where unemployment means not hunger, but a crisis of meaning and sense of uselessness. Both are struggling to believe in themselves, to find a meaning in life. In both the West and East. Both travel to a new country, and thus into its depths. IMPORT EXPORT deals with sex and death, living and dying, winners and losers, power and helplessness, and how to give the teeth of a stuffed fox a professional cleaning job.

Product Extras :

Interview with Director

Interview with Cinematographer

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  • Ulrich Seidi - Director

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